The first encounter requires more time than the following sessions as Theresa performs an assessment of your condition, including a medical history and assessment of your movement.

Your session includes use of pain relieving essential oils.  Electrical Acupuncture with the Dolphin Neuro stim. Specific Body Work  to release muscle spasms,  muscle tightness, nerve entrapments, and  joint tightness.  Recommendations for home exercises, and self care for your condition. 

Initial Encounter first sesssion 


Whole Body System
This is the most profound group of  essential oil blends for pain relief.  

Each blend targets a specific  pain source.  

The system works synergistically when applied to the painful site or on the feet, having a cumulative effect. 

Results are evident in seconds. 

Contact Theresa  candoitez@gmail  for  a seminar  or demonstration of the Whole Body Pain Relief Oils.

​One Hour session

​$ 75.00

First encounter:  $125.00

One hour:  $ 75.00

One and half hours:  $90.00

Two Hours:  $ 150.00

One and half Hour Session

​$ 90.00

Two hour session

​$ 150.00

​Session one and half  hours with $ 20.0​0 tip


Book a session with Theresa in Salem Va. 

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 Three Hours Package

​$ 175.00