This is an overview explaining the patches by a chiropractor,Dr. Jon Harmon:

Discover the holistic approach to pain relief through Theresa's use of HB Natural Essential Oils. Elevating her sessions to new heights, Theresa incorporates these exquisite blends to enhance the healing experience:

🌿 Connect: Crafted specifically for Connective Tissue, promoting soothing relief.

🌿 Flexible: Tailored for Muscles, aiding in flexibility and relaxation.

🌿 Sensory: Empowering against Nerve Pain, the potent solution for intense discomfort.

🌿 Osteo: Targeting joints and bone pain, this blend brings targeted comfort.

🌿 Trauma: Offering comfort for Generalized Pain, promoting overall well-being.

At the core of this extraordinary offering lies Heart & Body Naturals, a company devoted to harnessing the innate healing power of plants. Guided by a purpose to share the Healing Trilogy products, Heart & Body Naturals blends the wisdom of nature with Alexandria Brighton's original formulations.

For over 8 years, Heart & Body Naturals has stood as a beacon of authenticity, ethics, and transparency. Backed by an extensive track record of consistent growth and 200+ quality products, the company's commitment is unwavering. Regardless of your journey, Heart & Body Naturals ensures a level playing field, fostering a supportive environment that values every individual.

Theresa's dedication to integrating these exceptional blends, coupled with Heart & Body Naturals' profound mission, creates a synergy that amplifies well-being. Together, we invite you to experience a transformative path towards natural healing and a life of vibrant health.

Introducing LifeWave's Remarkable Photo Bio Modulation Patch - Illuminate Your Wellness Journey!

Unveil a groundbreaking approach to rejuvenation with LifeWave's revolutionary Photo Bio Modulation Patch. Crafted with precision and innovation, this organic crystal-infused patch operates beyond traditional methods, delivering transformative results through light frequency activation.

As light beings, our bodies emit an innate light energy that encircles us. When the LifeWave patch is gently applied to your skin, a symphony of crystal activation commences, transmitting a targeted light frequency to your skin's surface. This intricate dance initiates the awakening of GHK Copper Peptide – aptly called the "Holy Grail of Anti-Aging."

Unlocking the potential for a more youthful you, this peptide acts as a master conductor, orchestrating a symphony of cellular rejuvenation. Embrace a holistic reset as it harmoniously recalibrates genes to a vibrant, healthier state. Witness your body's own stem cells spring to life, like a garden awakening to sunlight, imbuing you with the vitality you deserve.

Embark on your personalized wellness voyage with LifeWave's trailblazing technology. The multifaceted potential of this patch resonates deeply within you, targeting areas your body intuitively knows need attention. It's a transformation tailored to your unique needs, guided by the body's innate wisdom.

LifeWave's resplendent Photo Bio Modulation Patch operates on the principle of self-healing. As the organic crystals emit their gentle light frequency, your body responds by initiating a cascade of revitalization. Be it hair, organs, nails, or more – your body's pluripotent stem cells take center stage, enhancing your beauty from within.

Experience the extraordinary synergy of science and nature, embraced by over 80 studies. Just as sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, LifeWave's patch initiates a dance of healing frequencies. Join countless others who've felt the transformative shifts – whether in days, weeks, or a month, the journey is as unique as you.

Awaken your inherent potential with LifeWave's Photo Bio Modulation Patch. Illuminate your path to wellness, one light frequency at a time.

Experience the synergy of healing with Theresa's curated selection of essential oils, including the exquisite offerings from goDesana Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. These oils, meticulously selected by Alexandria Brighton, a renowned Aromatherapy formulator and educator, hold over 30 years of wisdom in the realms of Ayurvedic Medicine, Aromatherapy, and natural remedies.

Alexandria's journey began in the early 1970s under the guidance of Dr. Paul Wedel, a pioneer in traditional and alternative medicine. With a foundation rooted in holistic care, Alexandria ventured into running The Degenerative Disease Clinic in Mexico, furthering her herbal expertise through Dr. Christopher's Herbal Medicine course. Her passion for herbal supplements eventually evolved into crafting over 100 Aromatherapy blends, a testament to her dedication to healing.

As Essential Oils and Aromatherapy entered the United States, Alexandria's path took her on an educational quest across Europe, learning from French and English doctors. In the 1990s, her focus shifted to essential oil and herbal supplement education, emphasizing safety and effective treatment protocols. Alexandria's partnership with goDesana and Heart & Body Naturals has propelled her legacy, allowing for pristine-sourced Essential Oils and Ayurvedic Herbs, thanks to sourcing from artisan distillers.

Aligning with Alexandria's wisdom, Theresa integrates goDesana's therapeutic blends into her sessions, creating a potent fusion of ancient wisdom and modern wellness. This collaboration embodies the forefront of preventive healthcare, promising a transformative journey backed by authentic expertise and a deep commitment to healing. Explore the benefits of these extraordinary essential oils and step into a realm of wellness guided by Alexandria Brighton's unmatched knowledge and Theresa's unwavering care.

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