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Shoulder Neck Quick Release Techniques

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November 11. 12,  2016  

​Date: t1414 E. Evans

Pueblo, Co. 

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1414 E. Evans
Pueblo Co

Registration:  Friday 6:00 pm  

Class Time: Fri: 6:00 to 8;30 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm  

CEU's /PDU's: 14 contact hours

Do you know how to release:

Upper Trapezius
Supra Spinatus
Infra Spinatus
Sub Scapularis
Pectoralis Major        
Pectoralis Minor
Sub Occiptials

What you will Learn:

·  Review of Shoulder & Neck Anatomy

·  Travell’s Trigger Points

·  Trigger Point Desensitization Techniques

· Acupuncture Points

· Electrical  Acupuncture

·  Essential Oils for Pain

· Quick Release Techniques

· Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

· You will be able to gain 20 to 30 degrees of shoulder flexion in one session

· You will gain a basic understanding of the arthrokinematics of the shoulder and neck

· You will understand  the limiting factors which limit movement

· You will understand the causes of pain in the shoulder and neck


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