​​​​​​Jaguar provides the impetus to go beyond our
self-limiting boundaries and self-imposed restrictions. The Jaguar (Black Panther) is a very powerful ancient symbol and expresses lunar energy. Jaguar essence helps one to reclaim lost power which was taken from traumatic situations. Jaguar provides the power necessary to move beyond what we’ve imagined is possible for ourselves, and re-imagine a brighter more successful future. 

                     Opposite: Cougar

Harmony   Love  Pure Joy

Reclaiming Lost Power    Courage  Overcoming Fear

Dolphins are the keepers of the sacred breath of life. Dolphins must remain in the present moment, in the now, a state of conscious awareness.  Life only happens in the now, and some of us are missing it. With Dolphin we learn to live in balanced community, and experience joyful harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

​                      Opposite: Squirrel

Harmony    Live in the Now

Breathe      Peaceful

Innocence  Compassion   Peace   Hope

​The hummingbird is pure joy in expression; she can fly in any direction or hover, and was considered to be magical. Hummingbird feathers were used as love charms and Hummingbird essence will open the heart center allowing one to experience pure bliss. Hummingbird brings out the best in us and helps us bring joy to others. Hummingbird overcomes harshness, discord, and disharmony.


                         Opposite: Dove

Kindred Spirits Cards


The Kindred Spirit Message Cards  show the animal and message on one side and the back of the cards are all the same with 4 pictures.  

Dove is a universal symbol of purity, and recognized as a messenger of hope. Dove essence can soothe our troubled hearts and worried minds, and reminds us of the blessing still to be found around us.  Dove essence is our life long bond to improve and to be open to new possibilities. The Dove’s soft mournful cooing reminds us of our need to mourn and release pain, sorrow and disappointments, allowing us to awaken to the promise of new life and dreams waiting to be fulfilled. 

                   Opposite: Hummingbird