​​​ I have been fortunate and blessed to have received treatment from Theresa Huber. After many chiropractic sessions and weekly massages which allowed me to feel good for a couple of weeks, my chronic issues related to car accidents and my career  as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant were in jeopardy.  It was vital that I addressed the pain and the muscle tightness that limited my abilities to work.  I needed to get to the problem for relief of pain. Worried about  further injuries and possible disability, Theresa offer to help! The neurostim modality which uses a low frequency DC micro current applied to motor and  trigger points allows the muscle to relax and get the needed blood flow for the return of muscle function. Massage and essential oils put my mind and body into a relaxed state to receive the needed neurostim therapy to promote healing for a return to health. I plan to purchase my own neurostim unit and the classes.  I have reaped the many benefits that Theresa has offered and the knowledge she has imparted to me is life long.   Mary M.  from Colorado

​Theresa Huber had my pain under control in one session!  I was lucky enough to find Theresa online working out of a local massage clinic.  After having been to a basic massage therapist who didn't have the skills needed for my healing, her experiences and certifications drew me to her. For a couple months before she moved, she successfully worked on my trauma areas and subsequent muscle tensions. Theresa combined natural oils, hands-on techniques, and equipment to get to the exact areas needing help. One of the best parts of our sessions was listening to her bits of knowledge that equipped me to understand the combinations of techniques, why they are important, and how to implement them. The care she gave me was second to none! I strongly recommend Theresa Huber for anyone looking for pain relief and healing.  :) I miss having you here .   Renee W.



Psych-K® Endorsement:

"I went to Theresa because I was experiencing muscle pain in the center of my chest. She interviewed me and quickly got to the issues holding me back in areas of my life. Her approach was kind, firm and to the point as we worked through it together. I have been pain free ever since." Lillian R.

Theresa A. Huber, OTR, RMT, NMT, has been a practicing occupational therapist since earning her degree from Colorado State University almost 40 years ago.   In 1989, she completed a 500-hour curriculum of massage therapy with Health Matters Massage Therapy School (now Mesilla Valley School of Therapeutic Arts) and became certified by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body Work) in 1992.  Theresa also became a Certified Work Capacity Evaluator in 1988 and received certification of Testing Evaluation for Work Fitness and Disability by the American Disability Evaluation and Rehabilitation Institute in 1987.  In addition, she has been a certified Trager Practitioner for 16 years and earned her certification as a Neuromuscular Therapist by the International Academy of NMT, Judith Walker Method, in 1992.  Additionally, Theresa has studied Medical Aroma therapy extensively over the past 20 years and often incorporates it into her treatment protocols.

 With a professional focus in pain solutions, work hardening, work simulation, and job analysis, Theresa has lectured on the topics of pain syndromes and treatment, adaptive equipment, cumulative trauma disorders, and various other topics since 1985.  Theresa co-authored an article in Occupational Therapy International which highlights her unique treatment protocol for Bell’s Palsy. As evidenced by her array of certifications and educational pursuits, Theresa is relentless in her endeavors to expand her knowledge in traditional and non-traditional methods of rehabilitation, as well as multi-disciplinary practices in order to provide the most benefit to her clients.  She is truly driven by a passion to help empower her clients to be all that they desire, to overcome their disabilities.  She believes that everyone deserves to have quality of living and being. 


I have been an RN for 42 years and recently had the pleasure of meeting Theresa.  I'd been suffering a severe headache for days to which conventional medication was not effective.  Having met by chance, I did not know Theresa's occupation at the time, but she quickly identified I was in pain and offered to help.  I proceeded to let Theresa gently massage and manipulate my neck over a period of 5 min.  Her confidence and skills were quickly realized as to my astonishment the headache pain was completely gone and I felt much more refreshed and alert.  I proceeded to see Theresa 2 more times over a period of several months where she used a unique combination of massage, healing oils and trigger point applications to release tightened muscles and help me remain pain free. Throughout my career I've met therapists and pain management specialists, but have never met anyone with the rich skill set and knowledge base that Theresa has gained.  Her passion for relieving pain and helping others truly make her a master body worker.   Julie S. RN    Colorado

I am still believing I have a contribution.

Mission Statement: 

It is my intention to empower others to be all that they choose to be.   I enjoy teaching workshops to other therapists that enhance their clinical skills.  I am a Master Body Worker and Aroma Therapist. I can release any muscle anywhere, if accessible on a person’s body.  I have a deep understanding of pain.  I believe every person has a right to move, and a right to soak in warm water (not just a shower).  In other words, I believe that tubs, spas, pools etc. should be accessible.  I believe that bathroom doors should be wide enough for wheelchairs to pass through, bathrooms should be big enough to be able to turn a wheelchair around.  Homes, buildings and community activities should be accessible for our disabled. Our wounded soldiers have the right to quality of life after war, which any of us would choose for ourselves.  Everyone has the right to have a productive life. Everyone has the right to make a living and make a contribution to society. Our elderly deserve to have quality of life that they choose to enjoy that is purposeful and meaningful to them.   Everyone has worth.  Occupational Therapists are the facilitators for our clients to achieve their goals, which are purposeful and meaningful to them, which increases their quality of life.


 After near 40 years  as an Occupational Therapist,

I am still passionate about Occupational Therapy
what we have to offer as a profession.