About Theresa Huber, OTR, RMT, NMT

Empowering Lives, Restoring Freedom: Candoit-EZ

At Candoit-EZ, our mission is to liberate individuals from pain and restricted movement, empowering them to reclaim their lives on their terms. As a Master Body Worker and Aroma Therapist, we specialize in quick release methods that offer relief and renewal.

We believe in the right of every person to move freely, to experience the joy of warm water immersion, and to access spaces that enrich their lives. We advocate for inclusivity, ensuring that tubs, spas, pools, and all environments are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

Our dedication extends to wounded soldiers, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities, as we are committed to providing quality of life that aligns with their desires and aspirations. We honor the inherent worth of every individual, recognizing that everyone has the right to lead a productive and purposeful life.

As facilitators for our clients, we work tirelessly to enhance their quality of life through purposeful and meaningful goals. Our heart-centered approach revolves around supporting our clients in achieving their dreams, and we take pride in being a catalyst for their newfound freedom and fulfillment.

At Candoit-EZ, we create a world where everyone can thrive, where barriers are overcome, and where each person's unique journey is celebrated. Together, we unlock potential, restore hope, and pave the way for a life filled with possibility and choice.

Meet Theresa A. Huber, a dedicated Occupational Therapist with almost four decades of experience empowering her clients to overcome disabilities and achieve their desired quality of life. Theresa's journey began at Colorado State University, where she earned her degree in Occupational Therapy. Since then, she has continuously expanded her expertise, becoming certified in various disciplines, such as massage therapy, work capacity evaluation, and neuromuscular therapy.

Theresa's passion for her profession shines through her constant pursuit of knowledge in both traditional and non-traditional rehabilitation methods. Throughout her career, she has not only treated numerous clients but has also shared her insights through lectures on pain syndromes, adaptive equipment, and cumulative trauma disorders.

One of her standout achievements was co-authoring an article in Occupational Therapy International, showcasing her unique treatment protocol for Bell's Palsy. Theresa is also well-versed in Medical Aromatherapy, seamlessly incorporating it into her treatment protocols.

With a professional focus on pain solutions, work hardening, work simulation, and job analysis, Theresa strives to provide the utmost benefit to her clients. Her unwavering dedication to her work and her clients is a testament to her commitment to making a positive impact in their lives.

Driven by her belief that everyone deserves to live life to the fullest, Theresa's genuine care and passion for Occupational Therapy have remained undiminished throughout her remarkable career.